My Life

My Story, My Legacy and my Existence

Teaching :)

Teaching history the best hobby that I have in this life

When i’m bored I go inside the classroom , teach, tell stories and inspire lives.. that’s my life as a teacher. Not my work nor my job, nor my profession. Its my mission. :)

as i count the days that created and molded my individuality, I can say I’ve changed a lot physically yet my passion and dedication remain undaunted and the same; the fire is still burning and keeps growing everydayLike a phoenix that resurrects from the desert of its death, I must face the world and this arena courageously and mightily. I might be facing and experiencing defeats but every time I’m wounded I will put it as a challenge to learn and develop more of my God - given Faculties…for my future is not for myself its for my people, for my students, for my family and for GOD.Hurray for teaching!

please stand by..

i miss posting my stories here.

today i will post a new one. I promise :)

Crossing Rubicon..

Early this morning, I received a text offering me a work in BAHRAIN; a teaching position to be exact. I read it and internalize it very well. In addition to it, the salary is almost 100K.. the text came from a very important person.. I think and smile as memories of how happy I am now.. My students here, they worth more than 100k and the great fortune waiting me there . they go as precious as LIFE , ETERNITY and DESTINY.. For this life we have is not always about money, its about living for the people who make this life more meaningful and more brilliant.

My Reflection..

as a teacher, I should welcome my students not in threshold of my brain and of my credentials but allow them to gain mastery of the most important subject matter and its LIFE…
I have a great day :)

Reflection for the Day

"When I die, I might be losing chance to brag anything that I owned during the course of my life. I may be feeling ashamed for not filling my treasure box for gold and silvers. I may not have the biggest and the most elegant house.

But when He requires me to show what I have, I will painstakingly look around the million souls and get everything I got from this life…

and yes, MY STUDENTS…

They are treasures discovered by dust but was revealed through the revealing lights made by Education and by my passion to teaching and to humanity.” 

                                                                     - Mr. Zarren Aleta Gaddi

Providing my Class the Best of Differentiation

Earlier in my class, I indulged my students in Post - assessment activities after two days of engaging in the definition and significance of History. I’ve done differentiation after their pre-assessment of their first day task  and they got their own LABYRINTH Group during the crossword challenge. 

My students were under the spell of engagement. They learned the rudiments of History while enjoying the completion of the crossword. After it, I integrated the role of Philosophy in the different historical events. Hey this is an 8th grade class. :)

After it, post assessment was made through the use of exit slips. Their short reflective essays varied with one another.

It shows levels of readiness and interest. Now I can make a more profound learning experience for my students. 

Hurray for Education!!

I will always be a TEACHER

"Sir, you’re the best" 

This is the sweetest reward I’ve recieved earlier from my student..

Its like heaven hearing such word after an hour of exciting and engaging activities. Sleepless nights due to preparations are all worthy. 

When Irony strikes… A Teacher learned from a STUDENT

"I haven’t notice that I’m that noisy.. I was really engaged and enjoying your class sir". 

This is the statement that strikes me late this afternoon after having my last two consecutive classes just after the lunch break.

When irony strikes, it struck you hard and plants seeds of learning into your heart. 

I haven’t thought that a child whose voice is louder than me is enjoying my class. I thought it was just a mere joke. I never realized that it was his way of showing appreciation in me. I have said harsh words to him and I know he was upset and humiliated upon hearing it.

During my activity, I made him as the group’s team leader and he exemplified a wonderful effort of showing his passion and dedication to the task given to him. I’m surprise and felt guilty of what I did. Some long moments after my class, I talked to him and told him I was upset because of his noise. Then he made this statement which made me teary - eyed and makes me gasping for breath (minutes after the short conference..)

"sir, this is the first time that you became my teacher. I don’t know why but I’m really excited about your class. It is a light period and I haven’t notice that I’m that noisy.. I was really engaged and enjoying everything sir."

After that short talk, I realized I was wrong and I’m very guilty of what I did. 

I haven’t got the chance to say I’m sorry but through this narration that I’ve made I want him to know how I’m deeply sorry for what I did…

A teacher learned from a student…

The irony of things, most of the time, brings to us whats best for our life, for our profession and for our development.

A question of integrity

Its good that we know we are teaching well, I know I’m good in my instructions..

Every time I consult and reflect with myself, there’s something wrong..

I may have myself forgiven for my mistakes in teaching..

But the real question is, have they forgiven me?


For this school year, help them discover their individuality by emphasizing their strengths and importance; lead them to the threshold of their goals and encourage them to realize whats wrong; tapping their shoulders for confidence, saying ” Indeed, I contributed to your mistakes and I have inflicted hurt and discouragement.. But this year, you will realize how important are you… You are the greatest miracle that happened in this world, SON”.

Hurray for education!!